Starting to Plan

Man, this is such a crazy process! We need to get immunizations and visas, we have to move out of our apartment, we have to buy plane tickets and most importantly we have to tell all our friends about what’s going on in our lives. It seems James and I would be the ones to leave for Africa and realize we forget to tell a family member we were going!

The plan right now is to sell all of our stuff that we can. Couch, chairs, kitchen tables (yes we have two…), dressers and bed. I’m pretty sure we’ll keep all of our kitchen stuff, we’re very satisfied with it and I know my parents won’t mind us boxing it up and putting it in their attic. It’s only for a few months (or that’s the plan for now) so it’s better than having to buy it all again when we get back. Our furniture on the other hand isn’t specifically suited to our style, so all the more reason to actually get furniture we like when we get back, right? :)

So the craigslist add is up, I’m looking into immunizations and I guess I should finally change my name on my passport! Africa, here we come!


Starting to Plan

One thought on “Starting to Plan

  1. I'm outside my skin with excitement! My kids are coming, my kids are coming! There are times when you just need a breath of FRESH air. That's our James & Malia – fresh, creative, anointed, and loving hearts. THANK YOU GOD!

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