Christmas Letter!

Dear Family and Friends,
The holidays are upon us and for once, the Hagens are ahead of this crazy season! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings! 
In case you were wondering, we survived our first year of marriage: hooray! We’re also happier we decided to get married today than we were this time last year and we’re looking forward to the next 50-80 years we’ll spend together. Marriage is awesome and we’re definitely looking forward to the adventures coming in the near future.
Over the last year we’ve mostly been involved with our church here, Denver United Church. We helped through the busy seasons of Christmas and Easter and were happy for the break that Summer brought. We were involved in a number of small groups and are so happy to have other people in our same stage of life pursuing God, good relationships and righteousness. We have been tremendously blessed and surprised by the number of people we count as close friends. We are learning so much about ourselves through the people around us and are finding that our passion for our passions are growing, which is really an exciting place to be.
For Malia, that means pursuing a lot more crafting than she’s done in years: painting, sewing, and repurposing anything she can get her hands on for a good price. For James, that means writing music: lyrics, patches, melodies and riffs. It’s amazing how God knows exactly how to put our personalities together with our passions to create the perfect place for us.  Of course, these things are still on the side of our jobs, but God’s stirring our hearts for so much more than nine-to-five.
Our big news for 2012 is that we have decided to take a break from our normal routine and are planning a trip to Namibia, Africa. We both have a passion for youth and missions and God has closed the right doors and opened others to show us that it’s his time for us to GO. James’ mom, Catherine, and her husband, Tony, have been in Namibia since 2008 and God opened the door for them to start a discipleship program while teaching their students basic job skills at their restaurant, the Garden Cafe.  James and I will be supporting them there as well as working with the youth in the church and doing some concert style outreaches. God’s timing and blessing has been on this whole situation from both sides of the globe and we’re honored He’s chosen to send us. We covet your prayers through this time! To get more info, keep up with our adventure, or get information on how you can help, visit our website,
We pray God’s blessing and joy over your lives this holiday season and throughout the next year.  Thank you for being a part of our lives; God has truly blessed us to have you.

Love, James and Malia Hagen

JamesAndMalia {at} gmail -dot- com
Christmas Letter!

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