Introduction to Namibia: Giraffes!

It is beautiful here! It’s like a barely-more-humid-than-Colorado summer–81 degrees right now–including the 15 minute rain shower this afternoon. I love it!

We flew Sunday afternoon and drove through the capital city of Windhoek and on to the city where we now “live”. On our way we saw at least 3 giraffe just off the side of the road. Day one, hour one! We really are in Africa!

We went straight to our host family’s house and were pleasantly surprised at God’s provision (once more!). They are very blessed in their business and have a beautiful home. They are also very generous and won’t allow us to give them anything for the space they are letting us stay in. They have two adorable children, 1 and 3 years old, who speak Afrikaans, but not English! They love God and I’m sure we are going to get very close to them while we are here. (They’ve already asked me to take family portraits for them–so excited to use my new lens!!–so I’m sure I’ll be posting those pictures here.)

So far we have been up during the day for 2.5 days in a row, but sleeping at night is still difficult and now we’re getting extremely tired. Only 4 hours left today and then hopefully we’ll stay asleep at least 8 hours tonight. (We are 9 hours ahead of Colorado.) James and I were both wide eyed by 4:45 this morning, so we got up and moved in. Then we got our tour of the cafe. We went grocery shopping and walked around the city centre. The people are all very friendly, so I think we are going to love it here. We’ve spent they day with Catherine and Tony, hearing all about what God is doing in the lives of people here–and in their lives–and we are so ready to jump in tomorrow! The next program will be starting in a few weeks and God is going to do incredible things!

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers! God is good!
James + Malia

Introduction to Namibia: Giraffes!

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