So much to learn…

We’ve been in Namibia for almost two weeks now and, while I won’t use the term culture shock, it is very different than anything we expected…in good and bad ways.

The people here are much more western than we expected. They seem to keep up with the styles and we can even find plenty of gluten free options. :) Very nice. As we’ve been learning the city and the people, though, we’re finding the movie “The Help” hitting closer to home here than it does even in the states. I (Malia) was in the grocery store and smiled at an adorable little black girl (probably around 7) and her eyes went wide and she just stared as I walked past. I looked at Catherine and said, “It’s not as though she’s never seen a white lady before, there are plenty of them here.” She said, “Yes, but she’s not used to them smiling at her.” That reality is still pretty hard for me to grasp. Especially when they are so adorable:

Catherine with one of the Staff’s new son! He’s adorable!
Staff, Katrina, and her 3 hour old son!
The NEWEST member of the staff!

We’ve spent the week learning how to work in the cafe and are LOVING spending time with the staff–including mom and Tony. We have both been in the kitchen a lot on the busy days and working on some office projects on the slower days. There’s a lot to get prepared for before the students get here in just over a week! One of those preparations James and I are trying to help with is training the staff to move into supervisory roles and last week we all went out to Rock Lodge (similar to Ponderosa Camps or Hume Lake) for some team building!

So much to learn…

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