One Month Later -Part Two-

One of the most exciting things we’ve been doing is concert night at the cafe. James has been using a mic and a speaker from the church and has been playing on Friday nights at the cafe. Word is spreading and we’ve had full and fuller houses each time! He’s been rediscovering his heart for worship and is mostly playing worship songs and he’s loving it. It’s been such a blessing for the cafe to bring in extra business on normally quiet nights, it’s been a blessing for the city to have a safe (alcohol and smoking free, family friendly environment) place to spend their weekends. It’s simply a great example to them that there is more to life than drinking it away. You can have a good time without alcohol.

-Pictures to come!-

This past Sunday we were able to visit a game park that is just between Okahandja and Windhoek. It’s a smaller, less expensive game park, but that turns out to be a blessing, because it’s pretty much just you and the animals! Catherine took pictures of us while we took pictures of the animals. There were so many antelope! I’ll update our animal count in the side bar after this… here are a few pictures!

On the side…Malia has been getting books in order for the Garden Cafe and working on logos and a new website, the project list is getting longer, but we still have two months! Her reward? Writing off her plane ticket and getting to keep updated on NCIS! (Tony buys them on iTunes every week and it feels like part of home is here!) We are close to addicted…


One Month Later -Part Two-

One thought on “One Month Later -Part Two-

  1. It looks incredible! So green; for some reason I pictured more dry, desert-like surroundings. Miss you much; keep up the good work and don't grow weary in well-doing!


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