Music, Music, Music!

This week has been SO full and rewarding! Lots of worship, lots of live music at the cafe! Next week is looking to be lots more…

Malia has been teaching math and language arts to the new students, Tuesday-Thursday, which has been quite exciting. English is the 2nd (or 5th!) language for most of these students and they have a lot of trouble with their English language skills. English isn’t my BEST subject, but I’m able to see progress already, even after just a week. I’m also trying to instill my love for math into the students, but most of them still don’t understand why I like it… I still have 6 weeks!

Tuesday evening we had such a inspiring night! We got to go to the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) outreach center in Windhoek called “Beautiful Kids”. They have an incredible program there for preschoolers and after school. They have a library and a computer lab and they have started a school uniform project for women to be able to use their hands sewing and to help parents provide inexpensive uniforms for their kids. The whole facility is just incredible!

After that, we went to the YWAM base and James led an incredible night of worship for their staff and DTS students.  It was such a blessing to us and they asked him to come back again in two weeks, so I can guess it was a blessing for them too. They said they only worship to CDs, so we were really able to pour into them. A couple of students gave their testimonies; God is doing amazing things through them. We’re excited to go back! James also has been leading Sunday mornings and had another live music night at the cafe!

Worship YWAM Windhoek from James + Malia on Vimeo.
This weekend we are taking a couple of days to relax at the beach and see the Namib Desert’s Sand Dunes! We are definitely looking forward to it! Then when we come back Monday, we are headed straight to Rock Lodge for another youth leadership training camp! Here’s a video of one of the team songs from last time:

We’ll be back online next Friday!
James + Malia

Music, Music, Music!

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