Easter Weekend!

Today is the Thursday before Easter, which is the day that makes me (Malia) miss my dad. He has taken our family through the traditional Jewish Passover for many years and as a Christian it is incredible to see the way Christ fits into the Jewish traditions and has since long before he walked on earth. Understanding the Seder Meal has meant a lot in my walk with Christ and has given me a(n?)–healthy, I hope–appreciation for family traditions.

Catherine woke up this morning and decided she wanted to share communion with the students and as we talked about the plan for the day we decided to scratch teaching and to make sure they understand “why this week is different.” This week we celebrate that God chose to give of himself to save us from our sins. This week is different because Jesus died for our sins, and when he rose from the dead he saved us from death.

Please pray for the students as they are watching “The Passion” today and participating in Communion. Pray God would answer their questions and that he would help them to understand that it was for relationship with them that these things happened.

Also, James is helping to lead worship this Sunday for our Easter service. Pray blessing over him, Catherine and Pastor Eric. They are also putting on a worship workshop NEXT weekend for churches and their leaders all over Okahandja. So exciting!

J + M

Easter Weekend!

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