Welcome to the Family!

Anyone else ready for a party? Because heaven is going crazy right now. :)

This is Janine and she’s such a joy to be around! She always shares exactly what’s on her mind no matter what people may think about her. I’ve loved getting to know her better since she started the program last month.

Janine had frequently been reminding us that she was not a “born again”. In my talks with her outside of class times, though, she would often mention, “I was praying for my friend” or, “I just surrendered that problem to God, I know he will take care of it.” Finally I asked her, “Janine, you always say that you are not born again, but you seem to enjoy reading your bible and talking to God and you trust him. What is keeping you from being born again?”

She wasn’t ready to let go of her sin. Because of language barriers, I’m not sure if it was an issue of WANTING to KEEP sinning, or not having the strength to STOP sinning.  But I encouraged her as best as I could… :) “While we were still sinners is when Christ died for us, not once we had cleaned up our messes. Christ died to save us from our sin. He wants to set us free from it so we aren’t in bondage.” She heard what I said, I know, but the conversation steered away at that point and because I felt God didn’t want me to push her, I followed it.

Then she watched the Passion of the Christ. She said she just kept thinking about it and she told us this morning that she decided she couldn’t put it off anymore and she surrendered her life to God.

The smile on her face today was unbelievable. She says she can already tell that she is a different person, I can too.

Thank you for your prayers. Now, it’s time to praise!
J + M
Welcome to the Family!

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