Hello America!

Our first week back we spent with family and friends in Denver and Colorado Springs. It was such a blessing to go back to Denver United and see so many familiar faces. Hugs from the nephews were awesome and some other-out-of-towners were back in town for a nice reunion. James even got to lead worship for a friend’s youth group one night. It’s so great to have familiar people around and see smiling faces of people we love so much.

A few days after flying back to Colorado we had a beautiful niece born to Phil and Katie Mondy and decided to hit the road to Kentucky to visit. We left Colorado exactly one week before repacking our bags and leaving again. We were able to stop at both of Malia’s grandparents houses on the way, for only a few hours at each place. Once in Kentucky we got a taste of Phil and Katie’s new “ol’ Kentucky home” and life. We took new family pictures, sipped cider on the rocking chairs on the front porch, cleaned the kitchen, started a new garden in the back, toured the winery where Phil and Katie spend most of their time and tried our best to be a blessing to the new barely sleeping family. It was definitely a blessing for us.

After church the next Sunday, we headed northeast to Dayton, OH. We had acquired some packages along the way that were looking for a home there. My friend, Vivina and her husband Ben are expecting a little boy in September and they are in Europe right now but will be here in Dayton VERY SOON! They had some things that couldn’t fit in their luggage so we said we’d be heading this direction and it would be a nice excuse to see their new home in Dayton. They gave us a key to their apartment and it’s turned out to be very nice recouping time as well as getting their apartment put together for them!

The transition to America never seems to be an easy one and the last two weeks alone in a city where we know no one has given us lots of time to talk over what happened in Namibia and our next steps. Mostly we’ve been seeking and worshiping God and fighting off unbelief which attacked so quickly as soon as we were back. God provided for absolutely every needed while we were gone and before we left and he’s continuing to provide for us now, so there is no reason to stop believing. God is good.

Love, J+M
Hello America!

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