Washington DC… Tourists!

After Willis and Kristin’s wedding we went to DC in order to actually get to spend some time with James’ sister, Erin, and to get to see our Denver friends too! Erin and Johnny took such great care of us with delicious gluten free meals (including bison burgers at Ted’s!) And Shannon gave us a quick capitol tour… only quick because of our ADDness.

We started at the Capitol and when shannon pointed out the Library of Congress we got randomly excited… James dad told him once that his Senator submitted an article he wrote to the Library of Congress. So we decided to try to find it. 

Details in the Library of Congress

The lady at the front desk was so helpful and told us where to go to get our library cards in order to do research, so we did. (And they’re good for TWO years!) Then we followed her directions down to the room where we were supposed to find this article, but the man there was less than helpful and told us we should basically do a google search. Bummer. So we tried to get back to the main floor to explore and got a little lost on the way… oops. We stumbled onto the MAIN reading room, which we were ONLY allowed to enter because we had library cards! I wasn’t allowed to take pictures but to give you a clue, it was awesome! It was a successful day I’d say. :)

After the Library of Congress, we went to see the Star Spangled Banner inspired American flag, with 15 stars and 15 stripes; some old musical instruments; the first ladies wardrobes (!); and then finished it all off at Georgetown Cupcake. And yes, we waited in that line.

And YES! it was worth it.

Our Tour Guide–Shannon
Coolest ice cubes ever for our cookout.

Washington DC… Tourists!

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