Birmingham, *Missouri, Colorado* and back home!

The week after James started with Family Life Church we headed out for the last leg of the roadtrip! The church staff and some volunteers were attending a conference in Birmingham! The only place East of Colorado that we hadn’t gotten to see our family! So good to see Dan, Morgan and their beautiful kids!

The three younger Mondy siblings all happened to be there, too! A nice surprise. Us Hagens saw an opportunity to save a few dollars and Malia jumped in on the road trip back to Colorado with Josh, Becca and Victoria to pack up the rest of the Hagen’s belonging and get them ready to load into a truck to head east!
Here is the proof:

Birmingham Mondys!
Dan and Shepard

After all those hours on the road Becca asked for a hug, haha! Aren’t they awesome?
Phil making sure his sisters can make proper CCCs.

Branson with the Sell side!
Grandma V and Grandpa Bobby at SDC with JR&V.

Mom got a new job! And was more than an amazing packing helper! Couldn’t have done it without you!
The boxes are ready to come EAST!

And the last bit of the road trip…up to DIA to drop me off. :( Love you guys! :)
Birmingham, *Missouri, Colorado* and back home!

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