Fall has Fallen

New Jersey in the fall is an amazing thing. Hurricanes in October took it away too quickly!
Red Sky in the Morning, watch out for Sandy.
Malia started work as a temp almost two months ago and marvelled everyday at the view on her drive to work.
We started getting busier, sharing a car and having both of us working full time (and then some) has made us feel a little squished in life in general, but we are loving the time we get together and being here in New Jersey just continues to be a blessing.
Yes, we survived Sandy. Hurricanes (and other storms) always make me feel sorry for people with the same name… who’s idea was that anyway? Poor Sandy. The wind was out of this world and we tried to park our car under a tree that would fall over, but to no avail.  (And now the car is the shop, of course.)  We were without power for 5 days, but had a lovely family from the church offer to let us use their shower and fireplace to warm up. (THANK YOU!)
The morning we got our power back! View from the Loft.
There are still MANY people without power, so please be praying for everyone to keep warm during this snowstorm that has begun. God is with us and we are thankful for the family God has provided for us here.
Missing you all at our other homes,

Fall has Fallen

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