Hello New

We made a list this last week of our favorite moments in 2012. It went on a long time, so I’ll spare you. Our conclusion at the end of our list was, “Can’t believe we did all that in one year!” The different seasons of our year each felt like I year in themselves.

This time last year we were all packed up cozily in my old bedroom at my parents house, waiting for our big adventure to begin. We miss our new friends in Africa so much and are so thankful for God’s restoration in our hearts toward our callings.  James passion for worship was renewed in Africa at a small camp of YWAMers and our lives are completely different because of it.  God has helped me through a long process of forgiveness and living in the freedom that it brings and I am happy to be at James’ side serving however I can. Our road trip to the east was a season in our marriage I will always be thankful for, investing in people is SO worth it and working through challenges that road trips bring was one of the best things for our marriage.

While it feels like three years squished together, it’s also hard to believe that it’s a new year. It’s hard to let go of our adventure and really take the last step into a new life. I’m constantly reminding myself, “I have today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Live today.” And today is 2013! I think if God blesses us this year even half as much as he did last year I might explode. I am so humbled by what God has done.

In case you were wondering, my new years resolutions has become, one step forward. I don’t feel as much pressure to be perfect as I have in years past. But this year I want each day to be one step forward from yesterday. Physically, Mentally, Spiritually. Just like my sister’s (Victoria) Basketball team says: Better than Yesterday. That’s what James and I are focusing on this time around.

God is at work in us. We pray the same for you.
Happy 2013.

Hello New

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