Full Speed Ahead

Once again our lives are changing–it is the only constant thing. Of course, God is proving himself to be right smack in the middle of those changes and we are loving growing closer to Him as we remember our only choice is to keep trusting Him.  
A birthday morning breakfast date to Budd Lake Diner.
…it’s a Jersey thing.
At the beginning of the year (after a little calculating) we decided it’s time for James to be one-vocational.  As of this week he is no longer working at Starbucks! Malia was hired permanently at Benjamin Moore in December and James was given a promotion at the church in January. Starbucks, was once again a blessing in our lives (free coffee!) and we are once again thankful not to wake up at 4 in the morning. Being tri-vocational (between the two of us) and solo-vehicular (between the two of us) was such a challenge, this week already we’re feeling so much lighter. It’s so much easier to plan our schedules and share a car.
My last early morning Starbucks journaling time!
Last week I snapped a few shots during a run through before our first experience. I’m trying to get better about taking pictures so you can understand a little of what we do day-to day.

Love this team SO much! From musicians to lighting to sound to pro-presenting andto graphics!
They all bless our lives in  so many ways! 

James’ favorite Sunday lunch spot with our crew. Happy Birthday, James!

 James’ official new title is “Experience Director.” Which we’re really excited about.  (Side note: after looking at definitions of the words, our pastor decided what we do on Sunday mornings is NOT a service, but is an experience. Check the definitions yourself, you’ll be surprised.) He is in charge of everything that happens during the experience on Sundays, from leading the band, to working with the graphics and videos, lighting, stage design.  Pastor Dan has given him so much room to be himself, while still stretching and encouraging him to grow in strengths. We couldn’t be more excited about the season we’re in. Except maybe that it’s winter. And the snow doesn’t seem to want to stop falling. :)

God is still good. Keep on trusting.

Full Speed Ahead

One thought on “Full Speed Ahead

  1. I'm so very excited about this new phase of life for you two. I can only imagine the relief as you move forward. What a blessing! Can't wait to see you guys…. soon… I hope to visit NJ while I'm on the east coast May/June sometime. Maybe? I hope, I hope. Sending warm hugs!

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