Grow 2013

Back in May we got to attend a regional “GROW Leader” training event (put on by Church of the Highlands) with some of our team from the church. 
Pastor Dan, Stephanie, Lauren, Malia, James, Bob and Tricia

 Grow was started to help 1,000 churches grow to 1,000 people and which is a vision of Chris Hodges from Church of the Highlands. Their church has opened up all of their resources to churches around the country, from graphics to logistics to small groups to worship. They allow pastors and their staffs to ask any questions they have and the grow staff will answer anything. It is a great opportunity for pastor’s who wonder “How exactly do they do that?” to be able to start practically applying things without having to pave a new way.

It was really an encouraging time for our whole team and we got to get to know each other deeper and pull together toward the vision for our church. Lauren had just started as our Kids Director and Bob and Tricia have been volunteering as our “Dream Team Coordinators.”

We loved every minute! Thank you Pastor Chris and Pastor Layne! :)

Malia with our Pastor’s wife Stephanie at dinner

 Since the regional event in May was in Washington DC we also had the chance to see James’ family that lives there.  His sister, Erin, was 38 weeks pregnant! While we were hoping to meet the baby, then, she held off and we finally got to meet little Emma this past weekend.

James and Johnny (any my camera died :( so I didn’t get one of Catherine or Erin.) 

Grow 2013

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