“I Can’t” is a Lie

Lessons Learning #1: “I Can’t” is a lie.

This week I signed up to run a 5K. Yes, I might be crazy: I spent money so I could go outside and run. It’s sorta like the beach in New Jersey, I just keep thinking to myself, “Shouldn’t this be free?”

In some ways, running a 5K seems too small. I’m not going to get to my goal pant size, or waist size or health goal by running a 5K. My real GOAL is to run a half marathon, but I’ve been realizing that if I never run 3.1 miles then I WILL NEVER run 13.1 miles. (This is a mathematical fact and there is NO going around math.) You simply aren’t able to take a second step without taking a first.

I know a few women who have run marathons and I’ve always thought they were superhuman. Running a marathon should be humanly impossible. Heck, running a half marathon seems impossible to me. After these women ran a full marathon each one of them told me they’d never do it again. They were thankful for the ability and the experience, but it didn’t actually make them feel healthier.

“Half marathons are healthy,” they say.

“Half marathons are impossible,” I thought.

Then I realized how many of my dreams are impossible to me.

  • To have a book published
  • To be fluent in French
  • To own my own business
  • To pay off student loans
  • To get my masters degree (without MORE loans)
  • To buy a house

One day I decided 13.1 miles seemed less daunting than some of my other dreams. Saying that, you have to know, I have never WANTED to run. My friends know that running to me is torturous. All of a sudden one day I thought, “I could do that.” (I’m honestly not sure I can even take credit for that thought, it was like a gift given to me.) Two weeks ago I started to use the Couch to 10K app on my phone and in 8 weeks I will run my very first race.

Is there something in your life that you’ve said “I can’t” to? Maybe it’s a job, a failing relationship, eating healthy, or forgiving someone who’s done something horrible. What if your impossible really is possible? If you would, allow me to pass along the gift that was whispered to my heart: you CAN.

The first step for all of us has to be small. Mine is a 5K. I’d love to hear about yours.

“I Can’t” is a Lie

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