No One Else Can Make Your Dreams Come True.

Lessons Learning #2: No One Else Can Make Your Dreams Come True.

When it comes to eating elephants (doing something that seems impossible), so often I wish someone would kick me in the butt and get me moving.  Ever since I first learned of ETSY I’ve wanted to find something I could make and sell. I have a wonderfully creative friend with fantastic taste and as long as we were living in the same city I dreamed

that she would start an ETSY business and ask me to help her. And I waited for her to ask.

She eventually moved across the country and, of course, almost as soon as she left…she started her own business. I resented that she hadn’t started a little sooner and I could have shown her how helpful I would have been. Now instead of helping me accomplish my dream, she was out accomplishing her own. How dare she.

With this lesson I’m currently learning, I’m getting less resentful, and maybe even a little thankful that she didn’t give me the easy way out. I’m incredibly proud of her and thankful for her “kick-MYSELF-in-the-butt” attitude. It’s pretty inspiring.

Most of my life I’ve said, “If I have someone to go to the gym with me, I’ll get in shape.” When I was in college I had a friend who also wanted accountability in going to the gym, so we agreed to show up together at 5:30 AM. Sometimes I’d sleep through my alarm and after receiving a few texts I’d beg forgiveness for not coming. Sometimes I’d show up and he was no where in sight so I’d send reminder texts of my own. The knowledge that someone would be there expecting to see me really did get me out of bed more often than any other time in my life and I was in decent shape. But it only lasted until I moved away to continue my education. I haven’t met anyone since then that the accountability actually worked.

My sister-in-law is one of the women I mentioned in my previous post who has run a full marathon. I always wanted to be accountable with her, but the problem was me. She was already committed to running everyday. She was taking on her goals without allowing herself to use anyone else showing up or not as an excuse. She ran because she wanted to.  She knew that no one else would have that same “want to” for her, so she just did it for herself.

This year I think I’m finally understanding that. I can’t let anyone else’s lack of “want to” to keep me from my dreams. I want to. I want to run a half marathon and start an ETSY business. If you want to join me, that’d be fun. Of course, it’s possible that not letting you join me will inspire you to find your “want to”. Either way, if you’re not faithful or serious, it can’t stop me. Because even if I want you to, you can’t make my dreams come true. If you try, yours probably will instead of mine.

But I can make my dreams come true. And for the first time in my life I’m willing to do it for myself. I’m willing to start taking the first steps. I’m willing to be rejected and criticized so that I can learn what to do better. I’m willing to fail. I’m ready to succeed.

Don’t wait for someone else to kick you in the butt. Lace up your shoes and open the door to the future you’re hoping for. Run when it’s raining, when it hurts, and especially when you think, “I can’t”.

(Since this is a lesson learning and not one that I’ve seen fruit from yet, I can’t say for sure, but I’m hoping that when I start kicking myself in the butt instead of waiting for someone else to, that’s when I’ll find the best kind of accountability. The friend that says, this is what I’m already doing, let’s just start doing what we’re already doing together.)

No One Else Can Make Your Dreams Come True.

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