Don’t Give Up

Lesson Learning: Don’t Give Up.

Today’s challenge has been not to give into fear. I didn’t run much this week. Ok, I didn’t run at all. I woke up this morning and the fear gripped me.

My 5K is in three weeks.

I haven’t run one consecutive mile yet. I still take “walk breaks”.

Scared. Silly.

Luckily, I talked a friend into running the race with me a few weeks back. That means I can’t get out of it, ’cause I seriously thought about it. I also have all of you cheering me on. THANK YOU!

So I got out of bed, put on my running shoes and went out the door. I ran the majority of 2.25 miles. I ran three-quarters of a mile before my first break, walked for five minutes (which was what my training app told me to do), then ran the rest with short walk breaks. It’s more running than I’ve done yet. I’m on my way to 3.1. I might actually have that total mileage in a day by the end of next week. I really need to step up my game, but all I know right now is that I can’t stop. I have to keep going.

This 5K is my first small step and I can’t even imagine how it’s going to feel in three weeks when I cross that finish line, all I know is that imagining it is what’s keeping me going. It’s not my half marathon yet, but I’m finally proving to myself I can do this. And anything.

I’d love your encouragement over the next few weeks! You guys really do keep me excited about changing my life.

A little preview of the things to come…another change I’m planning to make is making friends and I’m seriously inspired by this story.

Don’t Give Up

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