The Unconventional Hagen Way

We’ve never been known to fit into a box. Spend a day with us and you’ll quickly realize we don’t do things the way most people you know do.

We had our reception the day before we got married.

We have never had cable.

We have never had a TV.

When Malia lost her job, we got excited.

So we sold all our furniture and moved to Africa.

When we arrived back in the states we decided it would be better for us to drive around the country and bless whomever we could find instead of finding work.

(You can be sure our parents weren’t too sure what to think about that.)

Then, when James was working his “dream job” we realized that the life that the world promised us was full of convention. Full of boxes that we kept trying to fit inside. The world’s promises weren’t what we were looking for. So once again we did the unconventional thing and decided to go against the “formula to success”, quit our jobs, move across the country and live a life we dreamed of.

After six months we both feel like different people.

Free-er People
Happier People
Loving-er People

We’re finding passion once again. And we’re excited to start sharing it with you. Sorry we’ve been off the scene for a little while.

James was asked not to talk about his work on social media and decided that was a good opportunity to take a very refreshing break from every form of social media. (He may reappear eventually, but is still really enjoying the break, especially after it being part of his previous job description.)

Malia has been pursuing some writing on the weekends and is getting excited about this positive turn in her life and the opportunities that are already coming from it. If you’d like to check it out, you can at:

Our newest adventure has been one of building community from scratch. It’s more of a challenge than we anticipated, possibly because of the online social world, but we’re slowly but surely breaking through barriers and finding someā€¦unconventional friendships. :) More on this in the weeks to come, but part of this adventure, we believe, is going to be a new addition to our family.


We are planning to adopt a dog. Hopeful that it will not only save a canine life, but also will open the door to new relationships we might not otherwise have found. Dogs are so quick to break the barrier or walking past people without making eye contact, but make having quick conversations so much easier. Our new dog will also be a companion for Malia on her runs. She has challenged herself to run a half marathon by her 28th birthday in October. If you know her you know this is a massive change for her life, so she will appreciate all cheers or encouragement you send her way.

We hope God is moving in your lives and revealing his unconventional love to you as much as he has been to us.. and even more!

Happy April from the Hagens.

The Unconventional Hagen Way

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