Just Put Your Shoes On

I got some good advice yesterday to bring my expectations of myself down a few notches. Or 6 or 7 notches.

I got behind.

The hardest thing about getting behind is that nagging feeling that you have to catch up to where you would be if you hadn’t gotten behind.

For example, those weeks that I stopped running after my 5K. I have the option to think, “If I hadn’t stopped running, I could be running 6 miles now instead of only 3 still.” But that thinking is actually going to KEEP me from going out and running.

Lower your expectation.

Instead of telling myself what I SHOULD be able to do though, I’ve just been telling myself to go. Run. Just get out there and do what you can. And the few times that I’ve run since then it’s helped. There is so much going on in our lives and in our heads. J and my work schedules are changing, we’re trying to get ready to visit and care for family in need, we’re restructuring our finances, we’re preparing for our future, and our eyes are glued to the fire evacuation lines slowly creeping towards our home and thinking of our friends who have already been evacuated. Because of other things going on in life, even with my “not too high expectations” most days I still haven’t gone running.

Lower your expectation. Again.

My next plan is two steps back. On purpose. But without lowering my action. I’m going to start DOING smaller things. Instead of telling my self to run 6 miles, instead of telling myself to run around the block, instead of telling myself to walk around the block, I’m going to tell myself to put on my running shoes.

*Photo Credit: Kim Becker, Creative Commons

We’ll see what happens after that.

I’m not going to let myself do NOTHING, but I’m also not going to expect myself to do more than I’ve shown I have the strength for right now. When I put on my running shoes I may decide I want to go outside. I may decide I want to take a stroll. I may decide I want want to walk. I may decide I want to run. But for right now, all that matters is that I put on my shoes.

Just Put Your Shoes On

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