When You Get Down

Lessons learning: When you get down, get back up. If that seems impossible, ask for help.

I had my heart set on getting a running dog. I knew once I got to running three miles I needed to start training outside instead of on a treadmill. I really don’t like running outside because I start thinking about people watching me run and the embarrassment of that, along with the safety issue of running alone (which may or may not be a real problem, but it’s something I think about.) I solved both issues with the idea of running with a dog. People would likely notice how cute the dog was and my misery and bright red cheeks would be practically invisible next to the cuteness and she would also deter any predators. Hopefully.

J and I had been going to shelters for our next “family member” for months before my race. We were so excited at the idea of having a small four-legged housemate. The 5K was the goal and then we were going to get a dog.


My 5K was April 17 and six weeks went by with glitches and no doggy. I was so discouraged… and I wasn’t running. I had been looking forward to running with a dog so much that then I didn’t want to go out without one. I let an excuse get in my way.

I knew I was making excuses, but I honestly didn’t know how to get past them. I did know if I was going to get past, I had to get help. I knew that if I was making excuses, then even if I got a dog I would still be able to find an excuse.

I had to admit that I needed help and I contacted a friend to start working out with. She kicks my butt and sometimes I regret it, but I had to get out of my hole.

That line from the Batman movie has always stuck with me:

Bruce Wayne: I wanted to save Gotham. I failed.
Alfred Pennyworth: Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up. 

We get so down on ourselves when it seems we’ve failed. But seeming failure is an opportunity to learn how to get back up. In my case, I needed more than my own strength to continue down this road I’m on. I needed a hand to help me up.

The best part though? Right after I started to get help… the puppy of our dreams walked into our lives.


I think it was better for me to have kicked my excuses out before we found her. As I said before, I could always find another excuse, but I stopped that train before it got too much momentum. Not only do I have some accountability in my workouts, I have another “someone” (Lady Penelope) getting me outside for walks twice a day. Everyday.

No more excuses.


I’m not afraid to admit I can’t do this on my own. And I’m actually surprised at how little excuses I have left. I’m didn’t hit my goal this time. Which is okay. I’m setting another one. Penny still needs some more training to be a good running partner and that’s slowing me down a little, but I’m still out there everyday doing something. I’m still putting my shoes on and now I’m doing it everyday.


Do you have a excuse you need to kick to the curb? Do you need to ask someone for help? Don’t let missing a goal stop you. Instead, let it give you the momentum to hit the next one.

When You Get Down

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