Ping Pong Phenomenon

Coming close to the end of a run, I rounded a corner and saw the uphill stretch coming. Can I just say how much I hate uphill stretches at the end of a run? Is anyone else with me in this? I hate them more than just a little bit, but today I was determined to run it.

I use an app when I’m running that allows me short breaks in the middle of my runs. Of course, as the flat was coming to an end, my walking portion was coming to an end and the hill ahead was coming closer. I counted down with the app as I came to the foot of my mountain.

"Start of the Steep Trail" Photo Credit: DanScape Photography, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: DanScape Photography, Creative Commons

“Every single time it’s been time to run, BAM, there’s another hill! What is with this route today? Are there ANY downhills?” I think I may have even spoken those words out loud to Penny. Then the app chimed and I geared to start running when I heard the magical words:


Wait. What? I’m done?

Then I thought about my words. I’ve walked Penny on this path…the other way around. And all I remember was the crazy steep hill we took. So if I went up last time going the opposite direction and I went up this time, then… I must be missing something.

I still give myself the credit that every time it was time to run it was also the start of a new uphill, but I completely forgot to enjoy those downhill stretches! Walking or running, they were there. I went downhill. I always took the time to whine about the uphill and never mentioned how happy I was to be going back down.

At the office I work in, we just got a ping pong table. The employees there work really hard and get really stressed on a semi-regular basis. I didn’t expect the ping pong table to get used much because we have a wii in the back and it hasn’t been touched since Christmas.

I think my boss gets this idea of enjoying the downhill times. We all have to go uphill and it seems like we are most of the time, but when we’re going downhill, enjoy it. Daily my boss challenges someone to a ping pong game and everyone loves it. He rotates through to makes sure everyone is taking at least five minutes
to stand up and walk away
to shake off the stress
to be together with someone else
to laugh at him/herself

And each employee remembers that part of the day.

Take a moment today and remember something you did that wasn’t so bad as the rest. Just think about it for a moment. Yes, my life seems like it’s mostly uphill, too.

All I’m asking is that you remember the downhill part.

Ping Pong Phenomenon

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