Penelope By The Sea

After a long summer of heat waves, cloudy months and lots of puppy training… I guess it’s finally time to introduce you to our little one!

Introducing our furry little bundle of energy and love:

Lady Penelope del Mar

She’s a pointer & boxer mix born in Mississippi, raised in California. She has tons of energy and
has been keeping us pretty worn out all summer…

Though she’s already doing pretty well with the number of tricks she’s got down! She sits, shakes, lays down and stays. She goes to “her spot”, does push-ups, waits with treats in front of her nose, dances with Malia and is getting really close to rolling over on command!

(And if anyone has any tips for how to get a dog to be slightly less excited to see ANY HUMAN BEING EVER, we’ll readily hear them!)

So, now that we’re a family, we’re going through site renovations the change everything over from James + Malia to:

the Story of Hagens

We’re both really interested in learning how to tell a great story with our lives, so it’s a title that’s close to our hearts.

We love you all!

+ Penny

PS.  It appears we’ve had a snafu with our automatic email update, so for those of you who got an email this week saying we updated 16 new blogs in one day, don’t worry, you probably won’t hear from us that often again! On the bright side, if you’re getting this in your email, that means it’s up and running again!

And if you aren’t on that list, you can sign up on the left to get every update straight to your inbox. Wouldn’t that be nice?

PPS. Finding meaning part 2 is coming soon!

Penelope By The Sea

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