There’s Still Time to Finish Well. Old Year’s Resolutions.

Every year when November rolls around, I start gearing up for the new year. It always seems like there’s only enough time to be thankful, remember that it’s better to give than receive and celebrate with family.

After Christmas is the time to start thinking about goals.

For next year.

Today I looked at my calendar. There are still seven whole weeks left this year. You know how much I could accomplish in seven weeks?

Photo by: Death to Stock

So today I jotted down my Old Year’s Resolutions… you know the ones you make when the year’s already old.

My hope is that not only will I accomplish some goals late in the year, but having done so will propel my new years resolutions, too.

1. Read Start, Packing Light and The Fault In Our Stars

2. Run four times every week. (To be honest, after rescuing Penny, training her became my first priority and sometimes getting her totally worn out meant sacrificing my runs to spend an hour at the dog park. She’s almost fully trained now and I’m ready to start putting my goals back in place. Though… I missed my half marathon goal, now I know some more of the obstacles I’m going to face the next time I get started! You can’t fail at a goal, you can only learn from trying and when you try again you’ll just keep getting closer to hitting your mark!)

3. Mail out Christmas cards! Every year I want to do this and seem to get started too late. I might be too late already, but I believe in me! I can do this!

4. Complete NaNoWriMo! I’m keeping this blog short and sweet because I’m in the middle of a mountain of a writing adventure! November 1st I started writing a “novel” and the goal is to have 50,000 words written by November 30th!

5. Complete the “Sister’s Squat/Ab Challenge”. My Sister-in-Law’s fault. She said we should get in shape BEFORE Thanksgiving. Yeah, thanks for that.

6. Get my new website up and running! I’m in the process of switching this blog over to: and I’m SO excited about it! You can sign up here to get the new posts emailed straight to your inbox.

Will you join me in writing some Old Year’s Resolutions? What do you think you can accomplish in the next seven weeks?

Do you know that you can’t fail at goals? Just keep learning from why you did or didn’t make it and take your aim again!

I’d love to hear your comments!

There’s Still Time to Finish Well. Old Year’s Resolutions.

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