Afraid of Getting Sucked Out

One of my all time favorite movies is “Hook” with the late Robin Williams. Especially the part where Jack, Peter’s son, says “You’re afraid you’re going to get sucked out.” Whenever I’m in a plane and there’s turbulence, I have this moment where I have to make my peace with God in a half-serious way. That I’m cool if he wants to take me home.

It only seems silly after the plane’s landed and I’m walking around in the food court of the terminal.

I realized I feel the exact same way about
difficult times in my life as well. Things I know won’t kill me, I still think will completely destroy me.

To me turbulence means you’re trying to get somewhere and just because the road is bumpy, it doesn’t mean you should turn back or that it’s the wrong road or the wrong timing.


Afraid of Getting Sucked Out

One thought on “Afraid of Getting Sucked Out

  1. How appropriate as we are now preparing to board a plane for a 24+ hour journey to visit our spiritual family. Your posts continue to strike a chord in my soul. Perhaps Fmajor7

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