Something New, Something Blue…or Something

Dear Faithful Readers,
I’m happy to announce something new for this blog.
Some of you have been reading since I first opened this blog as we were getting ready to leave for Namibia in late 2011. (That’s you mom and dad!) Some jumped in during our travels (Like our Namibian–well, Dutch–host-mom, Jenneke!) Some started following along during our eastern US tour, and even more when we finally landed in New Jersey. Once we realized we were done with the cold, even more started reading in California. Then we lost our first baby to a miscarriage and I’m so thankful for the support we received through the blog we posted. That ended up being our most read blog and I hope I was able to encourage others going through difficult times through it. I also didn’t have to tell the painful story as many times, but people were able to understand what was going on with us and send their love.
So no matter where you’ve joined us on our journey, we’re thankful to have you in our lives. I know I’ve talked about the next path we’re going to follow and I’m finding I won’t have all those answers until we’re 70 and ready to retire in Italy. (Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I think it’s a great path.)
There is one thing we’re pretty certain of and it follows the trend of our marriage and our lives thus far. There is nothing boxy about the path we’re on. We hope to continue to pave new paths, to open our minds to whatever God has for us, especially when it looks like we’re about to walk into a forest full of spider-webs. “There couldn’t be anything good for us in there, right God? Pretty sure there’s no way for us to provide for a family if we do that thing that it really looks like you want us to do. Wouldn’t it be better if I just went to college and started a career so that we can make it to Italy by 80?”
Photo by Death to the Stock Photo
All this leads to my announcement. I’m planning to start focusing on writing. It’s something I love and I know I have a long way to go before I’m one of the greats, but I want to turn this blog into the start of my writing journey. For most of this blog I’ve used a mutual voice for James and myself together and I hope to continue to say things he would say and not put words in his mouth, I plan to write more and more from my own perspective to tell our story. So it’s going to become a little more something like, “the Story of Hagens, as seen through Malia’s eyes”.
I’ve also been writing at another blog, “On Eating Elephants” and I plan to combine and incorporate more posts of that sort on this blog as well. I’ll create categories so that you can easily see just the posts you want to see from the website.
I hope you’ll enjoy the changes and continue to follow our story and my thoughts on this crazy, ordinary life of ours. I also hope if you ever see my name on a book, you’ll pick up a copy. It’s been a long time dream and I’m proud to be finally pursuing it.
Whether you stay or go, I want to thank you for your faithful support thus far and I hope to continue to entertain you and make you think a little. Expect to see changes in the coming weeks.
Something New, Something Blue…or Something

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